Painting Log : 28.11.2017

Apologies for the poor quality of this image. The separate pieces are not yet screwed down and therefore present a little haphazardly. They’re not yet square. The central column of ‘Moon Flowers’ isn’t finished.

This is one of two paintings in the Folk Song series that are closest to completion:

It has a working title Moon Over Common Wood and currently comprises of a backdrop, two 16″x16″ canvases and three 6″x6″ canvases.

The piece is also missing a frame. Frames are very important in my work.

It’s these three smaller paintings I’m currently working on.

I enjoy working on this size of canvas as ideas can be tried out without getting too bogged down with painting acres of canvas.
The white outline will be overpainted with yellow and then the whole things overdrawn with black… I know, they do look a wee bit twee at the moment don’t they?
Honestly they won’t be anywhere near as pristine once completed.
They are kind of ‘innocent’, cheery objects in their own right though…


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