Long Road Log : 18.11.2017

The fates are NOT being kind.

In the last ‘Long Road’ blog I mentioned my concern over the engine overheating at the end of a short ‘chug’. We were advised by the yard where the reconditioned ‘new’ engine was fitted to do several things. On Saturday morning Fin and I drove up the M1 to do them. Refill lost water. Turn the engine with the cap off. Watch for bubbles. etc. etc.

The instructions resulted in a further gush and gout of water and when the engine did finally struggled into life it sounding like a bag of spanners – not a good sign at all!

We drove down to the yard and explained the predicament. Happily, they couldn’t have been more helpful and were aboard the boat looking at the problem within the hour.

It was immediately apparent that there was indeed something severely awry.

The present diagnosis is that the new head gasket must have been faulty and has ‘blown’ allowing water into the cylinders, affectively drowning the engine. Exploratory work to confirm that hypothesis will be attempted on site during the coming week and if it can’t be resolved the boat will be towed back to the yard for further work.

I’m fearing a total rebuild might be necessary, delaying us into deep Winter. Sigh.

This has NOT been a good Year of the Boat

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