Painting Log (b.) : 16.11.2017

From David Jones by Thomas Dilworth (pg.61):

“Of all the propositions of post-Impressionist theory, Jones especially valued Fry’s declaration that a painting is not an imitation or impression but a thing in itself: a painting of a girl ‘re-presents’ (hyphen required) the girl ‘under another form’. Because it ‘effects what it signifies’, Jones thought artistic depiction sacramental and especially like the Eucharist. This may explain why he always spoke of a picture only in terms of its subject: it was a tree, a ship, a cat, a woman, re-presented.”

Meanwhile, in my world:

‘Tree, Leaves, Bonfire…’ The red circles – symbolising Harvest Moon perhaps – and the fiery red backdrop of the bonfire (bottom right) have been added; along with a general ‘firming-up’ the oak leaves (top right) using a white gloss infill. Slow but steady progress?


  1. Hazel

    yes like this, balanced, with energy. Coherent colour. Good that the tree’s branches reach into the adjacent box on the right. Right too that the roots need not be seen. Sorry, that sounds a bit school-teacherish doesn’t it?

    Maurice [Scully]

    1. Nick Holt


      thanks for your comments, I always appreciate any feedback and, after 30 years a teacher myself, I’m not averse to a bit of forthright school-teacherish advice/comment either!

      best wishes


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