Long Road Log : 11.11.2017

a remembrance boat
on a grey goose of a day
man and boy afloat

We haul coats&wellies from the cupboard. This time just Joe&me to the boat.

Continuous cruising means at least fortnightly visits to Eileen. Our (very) slow journey south today saw just a short leg achieved – from Wolfhamcote towards Braunston.

We passed familiar boats enjoying a similarly slow saunter; we called ‘Hello!’ to the waterways contractors cutting back bankside willows and noticed the many cats staring from cabin tops.

The rain held off.

I was a little discomforted by the fact that the new engine’s cooling system isn’t working efficiently. A whistle of what looked like steam is onimous, as the water should NOT be boiling! It provided one anxious moment on what was otherwise a lovely morning’s boating.

To see larger versions of the collaged photographs above simply click on the image or click HERE to go to a flickr album containing annotated images.

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