Poetry Log : 09.11.2017

The poem in this post has had a complex germination. At times it’s sprawled and multiplied, a times it’s been decapitated and had its limbs removed to become separate poems. And yet, I always felt there was a logic in keeping together in six sections, after all it’s structured on the Genesis story, so it felt appropriate to have six section (or days if you like). The content is a semi-autobiographical mapping of a journey towards maturation.

Inspired by a reading of Tig the last part of Things That Happen by Maurice Scully, I was determined to edit out as much unnecessary verbiage as possible, perhaps to the point where single words or short phrases might stand in for or act as a pointer towards fuller, deeper, perhaps darker stories. I’m not sure if, in the end, the poem quite works in the way I’d envisaged, but I learned a lot in the writing about the need to pare back the dead wood to healthy growth.

It’s not possible, due to the complexity of the layout, to write the poem directly into this post, so here is it as an attachment…

It’s A Start – a (re) creation story


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