Painting Log : 10.11.2017

Art as ‘a bit of a dog’s breakfast’: there are days, and today was one of them, when topping & tailing, finishing off, setting up etc. etc. are the priority. Nothing hugely creative happens, but the foundations are put in place for creativity (perhaps!) to follow – once the undercoat is dry.

Another bit of work on the Folk Song series ‘green’ canvas. Taping off sections and painting in new colours. This canvas should be completed in the next couple of days.
A bit of preparatory work, a coat of yellow around the edges of one of the Folk Song series. Getting close to bringing the three pieces of this painting – the backdrop, ‘green’ canvas & ‘yellow’ canvas together as one image.
This is the piece of work I’m most interested in. It’s a recycled canvas (hence the tiger!) and is the next image in the Foursquare series, working title ‘Treehouse & Bonfires’. Today was just an initial ‘disruption painting’ breaking up the white surface of the canvas and thereby freeing me to begin to work into the surface – once this layer has dried…


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