Painting Log : 03.11.2017

A painting, if it’s working, tends to have sufficient energy to take on a life of it’s own. It’ll stand up. It’ll be comfortable in it’s own skin. It’ll have a voice.

On the other hand images that aren’t quite there yet remain subdued. Volume turned down. Just a painted surface rather than a painting.

This was one such painting:

I’ve not been happy with it. It felt just somehow incomplete.

So today I worked into it a little further.

Taking back the red, but also masking-out a strip to retain a ‘history’ of what had gone before. In ‘yellowing out’ the red enamel I was also able to reduce the thickness of the black outlines around the flower motif.

Taking off the masking tape revealed…

…a very satisfying ‘archive’ of previous layers of paint.

I’m hopeful that the simple decisions taken have ‘freed’ the image. That its become more active, able to holds a little more internal dynamic.

I’m pleased. It may now be complete – only time will tell, as changes may be needed once it’s married to the (as yet unfinished) background ‘quilt’.

There’s still a long way to go with the background. But my sense is that there will be a healthy tension created when I bring these two disparate images together…

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