Long Road Log : 28.10.2017

flap of the mallards
last of the blackberries
a chill wind blowing

The tipping point of the year. The temperature rising&dropping by +/-10°C. Blues skies becoming grey. Another walk ‘n boat day.

Early rise. Coax the stove into life to take the edge off the air.

After breakfast, to the abandoned village of Wolfhampcote, and a wander back to collect the boat. A morning of helloes & waves, a bustle about the canal.

Through the straight sections and under the bridges, one twelve ton boat steered by one nine year old boy.

The Boys build ash wigwams in the gusts – no mean feat and more rewarding than the pixilations of computer games.

(To see larger versions of these collaged photographs simply click on the image or click HERE to go to the flickr album containing individual images.)

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