Long Road Log : 27.10.2017

shorter days, draw in
amber-red-green foliage,
paint splattered nature

The plan a mix of walks&boating. We couldn’t have picked a better late Autumn day for our return to the Water Road. We drove through morning clagg to unload the car and ready the old girl for our first full day aboard since engine failure in July. Diesel in gerry cans, coal in sacks, kindling, 48 hours food (no laughing matter with two growing Boys on board), pillows, raincoats, wellies, drinking water in 5 ltr. flagons etc. Back&forth&back&forth.

Finally sorted we climbed back into the car and drove to our intended evening mooring then walked back across the fields to the boat. A glorious afternoon. Big blue skies. A welly walk in sunshine towards boating.

A pother of blue-white smoke then clear. The engine settling on tick-over. We all so eager to be away. Free again to explore the inland waterways.

I guided Our Eileen out of the tight marina entrance and across to the bollards at Calcutt Bottom Lock.

A trad. motor dropped through the lock allowing us to go straight in. We made an efficient climb. Hot work. Then away to Wigram’s Turn. Hard to believe it’s late October the sun’s warm the day bright.

We turned sharp left and meandered along the couple of miles of wide canal to Lower Shuckburgh and a mooring on-the-pins (ie. staked to the towpath side).

An afternoon seeking treasure with the sea magnet, and exploring the village before a drive into Braunston for a walk, a chippy super by torchlight and a pint in the Admiral Nelson. Returning to the boat for our traditional bedtime story and our first sleepover a-boat for months.

To see larger versions of these collaged photographs simply click on the image or click HERE to go to the flickr album containing individual images.

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