Painting Log (a.) 14.10.2017

The Craft Series is experimental. It explores the ‘craft’ of painting through painting craft ie. boats. The images are intentionally simplistic and child-like. There’s a kind of innocence about them, but it’s a knowing innocence in the sense that I’m using the imagery to ‘play’ with paint and explore the self-imposed limitations of a limited palette and minimal resources.

Sketchbook to the fore I’ve been folding paper. Making paper boats. They may form part of a paper and enamel painted  construction I’m thinking through. This kind of kitchen-table + glass of wine activity helps to take some of the portentousness and pretension out of art making. It’s fun. And useful too, in that it may provide stepping stones towards a more considered painted piece at a later date. If it doesn’t then the ideas captured in the sketchbook as an archived idea for another day. Win, win.

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