And yes, there was a sunny day in Derbyshire this August. And yes, we made a picnic. And yes, our life for fleeting moments felt both balanced, sane and right. The route was one of remembrance, a revisiting of both a once familiar place and a long lost former self. The walk revolved around sharing and story telling. I wonder, will my kids remember days like this? Or the tales told by rambling dad of artwork weathered in the landscape, of shooting stars, night walks and ghosts of crying ladies from the chapel of St. John?


We followed the old drover’s road that rises from Matlock Bridge, past Bridge Farm and on through Common Wood above Artist’s Corners along Matlock Dale towards Matlock Bath. I may not have lived here for getting on for thirty years now, but this remains the very heart of my Great Good Place.

[The individual images can be viewed in a Flickr gallery by clicking HERE.]

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