The Long Road – update

In the last Long Road post (HERE) I explained the hiatus affecting our proposed Long Trip. Our old day boat Eileen is in need of some significant renovation work to address serious pitting on the base plate.

The days pass, the over-plating work to the hull continues…

I’d tentatively hoped to be re-floated and motoring again in time for the Braunston Historic Boat Festival weekend – but, despite the best efforts of the yard who continue to do a stirling job, that proved over-optimistic.

Ah the joys of trying to keep an old boat afloat!

And there’s still the engine issue to resolve too. Sigh! I admit to feeling a little defeated. A low point reached. The season’s passing so quickly and my optimism in getting ahead to new adventures this Summer has diminished significantly.

So, I find myself at the fingers-crossed stage, hoping for a little good news soon.

I’m distracting myself from boat worries with other projects, with prose poetry and creative constructions called assemblages. And, things are progressing well on both fronts. A major piece of writing called The Anniversary is under way and the first assemblage piece Nigh Wood nears completion (more to follow soon). Both have provided me with a positive, hands-on response to the boating hiatus and helped balance out the anxiety with a little creative optimism.

This collaged painting or assemblage was at a mid-stage of construction when this photograph was taken. It’s moved on significantly since then. A more in-depth post will follow shortly…


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