The Long Road – Part I – Day 1

It wasn’t an auspicious start: 23 May 2017. One poorly twin, a struggle to get the others to school. London tense, post-Manchester attack blues. The M40 sluggish, then closed. Sigh. Hours late we parked at Cropredy and walked to Banbury to collect Eileen from ‘The Arm’. Waves&cheers as we reversed gingerly onto the Oxford. And North. One of those warmsunshinethenchillshowersthenwarmsunshine mornings. Familiar territory. Huge nostalgia. Trepidation too. A big step. Up Hardwick, Little Bourton (a stoat with an eviscerated rabbit) and Varneys locks to the 48 hour moorings at Cropredy Bridge and the end of day one.

At last we’re under way…


Please note: Additional photos and further information on the Long Trip, May 2017 can be accessed by clicking HERE.


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