IDEAS : multiplicity

Everything we touch has potential. Matter matters. In the Solar System there are 9, no 8, no12 planets, or perhaps a thousand ice dwarfs in the Kuiper Belt. The more we look/see/think/feel/respond, the more there is to know/see/think/find. We feel similar-things-in-different-places and different-things-in-similar-places.

Heraclitus said ‘We both step and do not step in the same rivers. We are and are not’.

Just being there sets things in motion. We are in constant motion/e-motion. We are not passive observers observing. We’re changelings and change-makers, de- and re- composing place. Chains of consequence flow from us. Our work isn’t simple. There are / we are a multiplicity of narratives and many sub-histories. We’re story makers and bit-part players in a million interwoven tales.


[Header images a detail from an artwork by Sebastian Eriksson.]  

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