February – Inland by Boat

A chill February morning after rain. A short solo trip. Precious. Needed. A chance to soothe frayed city nerves and in slowing down, re-achieve some kind of balance. My heartbeat steadies to the engine on tick-over. Coffee at hand in a chipped mug. Camera, recorder too. Savour each moment, enjoying the looking and absorbing as much as the documenting. A reassuring mesh of bloke, boat and landscape. Caves & Keens, Slat Mill & Peewit, Hardwick & Bourton, the poetry’s in the naming. Old Eileen’s good company. I’m involved and engaged with the boat, the canal and setting the road ahead.


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  • We're just about ready to restart the Long Trip down the Water Road.
  • Recommendations of websites & books always welcome...
  • Current reading: 'Magpie Words' Richard Caddel, 'Woods etc.' Alice Oswald & '100 Prized Poems'
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