Deep Mapping Eileen: No. 1 – 1853

Union Street, behind the shoulder of the photographer, crosses the lock (in the foreground of this image) by bridge.


Coppice and Wood via Albion, Union and Old Cross to Factory, Furnace and Brick Kiln – the street names tell the story of Tipton. Water-girdled town. The shouts of day boat captains – horsemen – echoing from soot-stained walls, cobbles. Tipton Green flight – horse shite and mud. Furnaces & foundries, all firework & flame cause a miasma over fetid water. In 1853 in Union Street Benjamin Pearson was born. An upstairs room, the curtains pulled as if to hide some sinful act. A heard-but-not-seen birth. A yelp into life. Downstairs. A baccy pouch opened. A wry smile. It’s a boy. Grand!

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