The Big Message

Man v. Can 24.

Last night I bit the bullet; dipped the tip of my liner brush into off-white paint and added the first elements of the lettering to the red band that runs around the centre of my Can.

It’s something I’ve been avoiding doing for weeks, because lettering is so damned tricky!

For inspiration, and to reassure me that pretty much anything goes, I looked at various photos of Cans, some of which are shown below:

And then I got on with it, writing ‘Eileen & Five Peas from 2011’ around the Can. The text may be a little gnomic, but then that’s the joy of painting your own Can you can write pretty much what you want. Having the boat’s name ‘Eileen’, a nickname for our family ‘Five Peas’ and the year we bought the boat ‘2011’ seemed a pretty good mix to me.

Here’s a screenshot of the kind of lettering I’m attempting…
Here’s the lettering sketched onto the Can with a chinagraph pencil…


The first elements, the simple brush strokes defining the character of each letter, added in off-white. I know there are lots of basic mistakes, the ‘horizontals’ on the ‘I’ letter are too wide for example and the slope of the lettering isn’t consistent, but for a first go on a tricky tilting surface I was pleasantly surprised at how even the semi-finished letters begin to tie the different elements of the Can together…


Coming together? Well, perhaps….


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