Trapped Images

Unfortunately my laptop, the one that’s been limping along for days, has given up the ghost completely and frozen my Summer photos impenetrably in the hard drive. My series of posts on our Summer trip looks like having to be postponed until the technicians can get their hands on the hard drive next week.

So, today, here’s an image from the ‘Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life’ currently showing at Tate Britain. The boys and I visited the show yesterday afternoon.


Here are a selection of reviews of the exhibition, from the trenchant to the awe-struck…




Seeing the show with a couple of four year olds was an interesting experience, they loved the grainy, grimy images of the industrial landscapes, and were happy searching out boats, buses and trains, but were obviously less interested in the darker social commentary going on behind the scenes… Same as most of the other people wandering around the show I suspect.

It’s a cracking good, unsentimental show, by an outsider artist of stature, “The streets were gloomy to him, but magnificent. ‘I was inspired by their beauty,’ he said. This exhibition shows his long struggle to give that beauty form.”

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