A bit of inspiration?

Happily, last night I got a text from the carpenter we’d hoped could build the side beds on Eileen for Joe and Fin, and the table-to-bed conversion that’ll see Mol get her own luxurious double-bed space in the bow.

Better still he agreed it was possible to achieve it all so that the work would be completed in time for us to use the boat during the school Summer holidays. Excellent stuff!!!

As the work’s not yet started I thought rather than show a picture of an emptied out Eileen waiting for the action to start, I’d share a few images from my scrapbook of sources.

The idea of this virtual scrapbook is to collect together all kinds of disparate images which for some reason or other capture my attention, or my imagination for a moment.

As you’ll see from the selection below it’s a pretty eclectic mix of both moods and details, and there’s the occasional salutary photo of things you really WON’T find on the boat – I’ll leave it up to you to decide which are inspiration and which definitely aren’t!








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