Horse Boating on BCN – Camp Hill Flight

Post No. 2  A horse drawn Birmingham Corporation Refuse & Salvage Department boat, in March 1964, leaving Hen Row Lock (No, 53) on the Camp Hill flight (Warwickshire & Birmingham Canal) and into Sandy Lane Lock (No, 54). The horse is about to pass into the shadow cast by the bridge that carried the railway line from Birmingham Moor Street to Leamington. Interestingly the boat is being towed backwards. Although this is a cabin boat the boat it may well have had an upright stem and stern thereby facilitating the ‘elum’ or rudder being hung from either end which saved the need for the boat being turned. What can be clearly seen in this image is the leaning towing mast which would be stepped in different positions, and at different angles, to help counteract the effects of the horse and/or the wind blowing a boat into or out from the bank. (Photo by: Philip Weaver)
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