Images of Horse Boating on the BCN

After a number of portrait posts of historic BCN tugs (the list can be accessed HERE). I’m now moving on to look at the other major motive power found on the BCN – namely the horse! I’ll be looking in detail at a single image, or short series of images, of horse boating at various locations around the BCN. Click on any of the underlined text below to view other posts.

Historic Images of Horse-boating on BCN

1. Series Introduction – this post
2. Birmingham Corporation Salvage boat on Camp Hill flight, c.1964
3Day Boat at Withymoor Branch Junction, Dudley No. 2 Canal, c. 1954
Day Boat at Ryder’s Green
Day Boat at Delph Nine, c. 1954
Day Boats under the Tividale Aqueduct
Day Boat on Farmer’s Bridge Locks, c. 1913

I’ll give as much information as I’ve been able to source, however inevitably some of the most atmospheric images come with the least information, as is the case here… these two wonderfully resonant images were found on internet trawls for other material and sadly come with neither caption nor credit…

I’d love to know more – any thoughts anyone?



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