It’s odd the way that life, at times, just seems to bring together seemingly unconnected events. For example, over the weekend I was reading ‘There And Back Again’ Simon Stoker’s tale of the restoration of the Cromford Canal between 1968-1988… (review to follow)… when the central heating packed up; so, to keep warm, I cleared out the ‘snug’ (read dump!) at home.


The snug is the spare room where everything not used day-to-day seems to end up… In one of the boxes I found a load of CDs of photos taken ten years ago when I went on a 40th birthday ‘pilgrimage’ over the old haunts of my teens back in Derbyshire. I brought the CDs to work this morning and lo’ there were images of Cromford Wharf I’d taken back in 2002.

Happily the wharf has been transformed since these rather sad looking images were taken and it’s survival is once more looking more secure. (see HERE or HERE)

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