Watery goings on…

This being the kids’ Easter holidays, and with the boat steaming South in the capable hands of Jim & Vi, we’ve had a few spare days down here in London. Inevitably for us, there’s been a deal of watery goings-on going on! From Regents Park to Bekonscot, from Little Venice, to Uxbridge Boat Centre to the manic bath-times, it’s been a wild and fun few days defined by water…

(The photos below can be viewed in more detail by simply clicking on any of the images.)

And, behind the scenes, Jim & Vi have indeed completed Phase 1. of our Eileen’s migration south.

It might seem counter-intuitive just now to be moving a boat into a drought area rather than perhaps staying put and enjoying the beauties of both the Staff & Worcs Canal and all points north from there; the reason is simply that we wanted the boat within easy commuting distance of London, so that we actually take full advantage of the opportunity to escape London this coming summer, even if it’s at the cost of limited options in terms of movement around the canals later in the year.

I had a long conversation with Jim today and his opinion in a nutshell is:

‘the old girl’s a cracker, you’ll have fun with her…, handling’s excellent and a turn of power when you need it…’

Given that the 4x day trip was the first real water road test of the works that have taken place over the Winter inevitably several issues arose that will need to be dealt with:

  • the raw water intake, for cooling the engine, is unprotected and is regularly getting blocked up… we missed a trick there, it would have been a simple task in the months that Eileen was on hard standing to weld a skin tank into the base of say the back cabin. Ah, the joys of hindsight. To remedy the situation now will mean the additional expense of dry docking the boat again – sigh.
  • a few v. minor diesel leaks to tighten up
  • the adjuster for the alternator fan belt needs to be replaced to ensure that the belt stays tensioned
  • oh, and the water from the sink ends up in the bath if you’re not careful!

Still, there’s nothing in the list to diminish the fact that Eileen remains a dream boat. And nothing that can’t be solved with time, head-scratching and cash!

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