We’re tending to ‘gravitate’ towards water…

Yesterday morning, when a birthday party and the like made it impossible for us all to head up to the boat for a final fettle before she moves, we found ourselves taking advantage of the glorious Spring weather, and gravitated towards water.

Even in the heart of London there’s idyllic waterside spots to be found, if you only know where to look.

The photos below show a secret and quieter part of bursting at the seams Regents Park. We picnicked by the stream, leapt stepping stones and even cooled our feet in the icy waters. It was a special, sane hour in the hustle and bustle of one of our frantic family weekends.

After lunch I dropped Claire and Molly at home (they off to the ice-skating birthday party) whilst me and the boys continued on to  the Uxbridge Boat Centre.

We boys love a chandlery! I’m not sure the shop staff totally look forward to our arrival with the same degree of excitement though!

At 3-and-a-half boat yards fascinate Joe and Fin. They’re full of questions, and want to touch everything, absolutely everything! Ah, the joys of twins venturing off in opposite directions into the darker – inevitably sharper – corners of a chandlery!

Still we got out without (quite) trashing the place, and even ended up buying what was on the shopping list:

  • stern gland grease
  • mooring lines
  • coal & kindling
  • mooring chains etc. etc.

and, inevitably, we bought a load of other stuff we hadn’t gone for too…

The sight of two very small lads hauling two 12m metre lengths of 18mm hemp rope to the car was a sight to behold!

(Tomorrow, a photo update from Great Haywood.)

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