Saga of the Leaky Tank – Day III

What’s become the saga of the leaky tank stretched into a third day, with the Dave-the-Welder (who’d worked on Eileen’s hull before Xmas when she was out the water) called in to help Jon-the-Workshop sort out a tricky series of welds that could only be achieved by cutting away chunks of internal wooden cladding, and crawling into the void behind, then cutting away a section of steel bulkhead and welding the water tank from the outside.

There’s water left in the tank tonight, and I’m (fervently!) hoping it’ll still be there on Sunday morning when I go up to the boat to prepare her for the start of her journey to the South Oxford.

Inevitably the ‘to do’ list’s growing:

  • 3x gas mantles
  • 6x small canisters of gas
  • torch
  • matches
  • food basics
  • 2x 5ltr. plastic bottles of water
  • route maps and boat log
  • new fore and aft ropes
  • Elsan Green (and mmm, toilet sorted)
  • mattress & bedding (cover sheet, futon, pillows)
  • horn (blow-type) and (wind-up) klaxon
  • tiller!
  • coal, fire lighters and kindling (plus finding the chimney for the living cabin Morse stove) etc. etc

and… and… and…

Today’s illustrations aren’t really about the update on Eileen’s renovation, but how can I resist sharing the ‘nuggets’ found on my latest internet trawl???

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