Our First Trip – in photos

By any standards the first trip in Eileen’s log will be a tiny one in terms of distance (from the new Great Hayward Marina, left and onto the Trent & Mersey towards Great Hayward Junction; under Bridge 75 then 74, and with a sharp right turn onto the Staffs. & Worcs.; past Anglo Welsh at the Canal Wharf in Mill Lane and past Eileen’s former home mooring; before crossing the youthful Trent on an aquaduct, through Swivel Bridge and onto the Broad Water at Tixall Wide where we winded and returned) a round trip of perhaps just under two miles…

But, in terms of it’s impact on us this was a hugely significant trip. The inaugural outing of family and boat. Amazingly (some would say recklessly) this was the first time we’d heard the engine fired up and ready to go – oh she sounds sweet!

After all the anxieties we’d harboured about the kids not understanding the need to be careful, today they happily donned lifejackets, they listened to advice about sitting down etc. and they had a wonderful time, in fact we all had a lovely, LOVELY, first day afloat on Eileen.

Apologies to all those live aboard blogger/boaters out there, and all the seasoned long-distance annual travellers too, who travel our waterways network constantly, and who’ll probably find the photo-blog below just a bit excessive ie. over 50 photos covering just 2x miles of canal!

But, hopefully you’ll indulge me, as this really was the first time my wife and the kids had ever been on a moving narrow boat, let alone OUR moving narrow boat!

For those with a bit of local knowledge, sorry too that the photos have published out of order… it was fine in the folder but when I uploaded the images, frustratingly the order became scrambled…

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