Sleet and Lifejackets – a sign of Spring?

After the Spring-like days last week it came as a bit of a shock yesterday morning to hear rain hitting the skylights of our flat so forcefully; and then later to find ourselves caught up in sleety showers as we drove north from London to Braunston.

We’d come up to visit Midland Chandlers after struggling to find an outlet for reasonably priced lifejackets in London. With the exception of the wonderful Uxbridge Boat Centre there seems to be no useful chandlery in or around the Capital (unless of course you know different!).

Buying lifejackets is another marker in our journey towards finally taking possession of nb. Eileen.

Next weekend we’re off to take Eileen out on her inaugural run. After that we’ll enter the final phase of tidying-out and setting-up before she moves from Great Haywood to the South Oxford at the end of the month.

(I’m feeling very positive about the whole process just now, particularly as a phone discussion with Jon-the-Workshop on Friday confirmed that all their winter works on the shared-ownership and hire fleets is over, allowing them to now have a final push to complete the remaining works on Eileen.)

As it was about lunchtime by the time we’d finished buying things at Midland Chandlers we decided to take advantage of one of those ‘meal deals’ at The Mill House next door. We secured a table overlooking the canal. Wild and windy weather outside, with just one boat struggling past whilst we were eating inside. We had a good lunchtime and then a lesurely drive back via Banbury, Bicester, Aylesbury and Watford to London, with an occasional tantalising glimpse of waterways as we went…

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