Bulkhead Building

With the date for leaving Great Haywood Marina now set for 31.03.12, there’s still a fair bit to do to prepare the boat. Reassuringly I received a promising news update from the workshop confirming that things are again moving on apace, and the checklist gradually getting ticked off:

  • gas is plumbed in √
  • electrical wiring’s in place √
  • water & pumps, sinks and bath almost all linked up…
  • engine is overhauled and serviced √
  • the remaining minor survey issues are being dealt with…
  • the welding’s done √
  • the hull’s blacked and anodes attached √

With just 5 weeks to go J-the-Workshop assured me, mid-build on the bathroom bulkhead, that things were indeed on track and achievable. I’d have preferred ahead of schedule and achieved but given that I’m tied down at work and 130 miles away from the boat, sometimes you just have to let slip the ‘control freak’ mindset and trust your boatbuilder to know the job and get on with things.

That said, oh how I wish I could be there!

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