Plan in Tatters…

Following a conversation with J. the Workshop yesterday, and a visit to Great Haywood today, we’ve sadly had to cancel our intended inaugural trip/wedding-anniversary-present-to-ourselves planned for the end of the coming week.

Even if the marina, and surrounding canals, defrost in the next few days, all the work that needed to be completed before we set out has slipped behind schedule.

After such a mild winter, it’s such a shame that this cold spell has arrived, for us, at just the wrong moment. I was really looking forward to 18686’s transition from a rather tatty storage shed to boat-under-way.

Now she’s back in the water, I was very tempted today to turn the engine over, but didn’t, as in the current freezing conditions, I don’t want to leave any residual water in the system to then freeze and potentially cause damage.

Here’s what Great Heywood Marina looked like this mooring:

(above) frozen solid…

(above) the renovated elum and sheet ice…

(above) For Molly the ice just adds to the adventure!

(above) the view from the back cabin over the frozen tundra of Great Haywood Marina

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