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The information released today listing the 33x CART boater representative candidates, included their 150-word election statement, shame it didn’t also include acknowledgement of candidates’ affiliation to particular organisations, whether that be IWA, RBOA, HNBOC etc.

That said, though I don’t claim to have read every statement in detail, it was reassuring to find a really strong field. Such an articulate, passionate and highly experienced group of advocates for our waterways.

No doubt analysis of the list will take place in the various blogs and forums in the coming days – I, for one, welcome that debate – after all the future direction of our waterways, their preservation and future, is what’s at stake here.

After the hullaballoo has faded though, perhaps still more important is NOT the actions of the committee of trustees or it’s partners, but what we ALL do, at a more local level, to support our local waterways?

After all, without roll-your-sleeves-up activism, no committee will have any meaningful impact at all.

ps. I won the sweepstake on Sarah’s ‘Chertsey’ blog to guess how many candidates would be standing… I just added 18686 together to get 29… it turned out to be the closest guess.

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