Moving the boat – a confirmed date…

Things are coming together.

Today I was talking to P. from down the Arm [Grimsbury Wharf] in Banbury about my concern over whether I’d be able to have time at Easter to move the boat from Great Haywood. He suggested I give JM a call [confusingly all boat-related people seem to have a name that begins with a ‘J.’ so I’ll called him JM for clarity sake!].

I phoned JM and he’s agreed to move the boat from Great Haywood, or Fradley Junction [if we get her that far before 31.03.12], down to Braunston during the first week of April.

We’ll then meet him at Braunston and take 18686 up the Napton Flight, across the summit pound and down the Claydon Flight on her final leg to our new home mooring.

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