The end of a ‘constructive’ working week

More positive noises from J the Workshop, he rang today to confirm that the old (and lovely) taps on the roll top bath should be able to be used when he plumbs in the remaining pipework – grand!. He’s having problems getting through the forward bulkhead however; he had hoped to be able to access the water tank from the base but this is proving almost impossible, so he’s now planning to enter the tank about a foot from the base and run a siphon pipe into the bottom of it. As the system is drawn by pump rather than gravity fed this shouldn’t be a problem.

The rudder was safely loaded into the back of the car at 7 o’clock this morning, before work got busy, and has filled the car with a heady mixture of fresh paint fumes and just a hint of woodyness – I like it!

Tomorrow it’s an early start to Great Haywood to return the rudder and check on progress.

Hopefully tomorrow’s post will provide photographic evidence that we actually do really own a boat!

It’s been such a long time since I saw the old girl…


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