Christmas Comes Late : )

I’ve had the chance, through work, of buying a new digital SLR. And I jumped at it.

I decided to go for a Canon EOS 600D. It’s had good reviews. However, the reviews didn’t prepare me for the sheer size or weight of the beast. Despite claiming to be one of the most compact digital-SLRs on the market, it’s actually a HUGE camera in comparison to my trusty, and rather magnificent, little Sony Cybershot G point-and-shoot camera.

At the moment the Canon’s dazzling array of functions utterly bemuses me, to the degree that I can’t even make the shutter shut without a huge automated whirring & whooshing preamble, lasting upwards of a couple of seconds…

I know, I must be doing something wrong but what?

Anyways, it’s early days, I’m hopeful that I’ll soon get the hang of it, and I can’t wait to get out there and get shooting tomorrow!

Will it be wrinkled tin in Kilburn, or the Regents Canal in wintry drab???

ps. just to reassure you, the Canon didn’t take the two photos accompanying this post, they were the result of the Hipstamatic app. on my i-phone 4.

Ah, us boys and our toys eh?

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