Keeping connected…

Every day, in an odd snatched moment or two, I try to do at least one boat-related activity, to help to keep me connected to the project-of-our-boat.

The activities vary, sometimes it’s a bit of web-based research, or a chapter read; a phonecall or too; or planning our first summer cruise on BCN 18686.

Today, as mentioned in a previous Daily Post, the activity tried to establish whether BCN 18686 will be back in the water, and in a state to go away on, in just four weeks time – for our wedding-anniversary-cum-inaugural-trip.

The list of things still left to get done is formidable:

  • water tank cleaned out and painted, a lid fitted, skin fittings fitted and pipework connected…
  • stove bolted down and fireproofing fitted to protect the hull sides
  • the engine fired up and tested after major works etc. etc.

And that’s before we start thinking about a huge, first Spring Clean, about (in no particular order):

  • bedding
  • battery charging
  • fuel (diesel, coal, logs)
  • ropes
  • sorting out things for the galley
  • provisions
  • a fancy ‘anniversary’ restaurant (thanks again Captain Ahabfor your suggestions…)and so the list goes on, and rather intimidatingly on…

The boatyard working on the boat has adopted an enviously laid-back approach to the whole thing, a laissez faire, what-will-be-will-be approach which, much as I envy their stressless approach, frankly drives me crazy!

Fingers crossed we make it, the list above get done, and the first voyage actually happens when we hope it’ll happen…

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