‘Adventures of the Hebe’

Stoker, D. & S. (2011) Adventures of the Hebe Amberley Publishing 

This is an innocent and often delightful tale of a journey along the working waterways during the inter-war period, enriched by a number of beguiling photographs and postcards of what might be seen as a halycon age before large-scale recreational boating and the rapid decline of commercial carrying.

For me it also prompted thoughts about a simpler approach of enjoying the waterways, without the enormous expense of todays narrowboats.

Why not scull, sail or row? Could it still be done? (Also see ‘A Plea for Fresh Thinking’)

  1. Capt Ahab

    Nick – I am currently reading this quirky books. Its certainly inspirational and refreshing to read of a time when diesels were the new fangled interlopers.
    I wonder that the hire boats would make of a sailing skiff doind 10 mph along the Llangollen Canal today.

    1. Nick Holt

      Hi Andy, I’m not sure what the hire boater’s would make of it – but wouldn’t you love to be aboard the sailing boat – just too see the amazed look on their faces as you shot by!?!

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