Not [quite] yet…

The weekend has disrupted the ‘flow’ of phone calls that late last week, suddenly seemed to move forward the long drawn-out process of buying the boat.

I still hesitate naming the boat here, why tempt fate eh? Even at this late stage, in some way I’m nervous of somehow jinxing the purchase with some unforeseen calamity by taking too much for granted. A severe case of not wanting to count my chickens before they hatch.

That said, the whole rigmarole of buying a boat is typically canal-slow – and that’s slow!

In the three years since I sold my last boat I’d forgotten quite how long everything takes, and how everything seems to work in multiples of £500.00!

With C. away this weekend, I have been tempted to upload endless photos of the new boat, and share her fascinating history too… However, on reflection, I feel that should all be part of celebrating the confirmation of purchase, whenever that finally comes.

During the day, even walking in Regents Park, as the boys flew around on their scooter, I was drawn to the water – would you believe it today I  was drawn towards the duck pond in the Inner Circle close to the Regents Park Open Air Theatre!?!

And, I’m also taking a daily fix of waterways history, through re-reading:

Ian Mackersey’s 1984 ‘Tom Rolt and the Cressy Years’

Tom Foxon’s ‘No.1’

Michael Ware’s ‘Narrow Boats At Work’

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