Detail of photo of Sampson Road Wharf, Birmingham in 1930’s  pg. 55 ‘Canal Recollections’ by Julian Holland

Back home in London, late morning, a phonecall from E. ‘the Broker’ – are we interested in buying an ‘as new’ diesel heating system from L. ‘the Owner’ – usefully it had been something I’d spoken to J. ‘the Workshop’ about at length yesterday and we’d come to the decision that as the boat isn’t going to be a live-aboard it was probably over-complicating the fit-out to put such a system in. We declined. Happily, after initial hesitation L. ‘the Owner’ did throw in a couple of nice pieces of free-standing furniture… the pictures becoming clearer about what fixtures & fittings we can expect to inherit at handover.

I had a hugely tiring journey North this evening, back to Derbyshire, to my sister’s T ‘s place, where I’d stored the huge steel-clad rudder yesterday. With the help if A. [her husband] we manhandled the lump into the back of the car and I was back in London just after 11.00 pm – now there’s just the small matter of hauling it up 78 stairs so that renovation can begin.

Mmm, now what colour scheme were we thinking of???

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