Better close to water…

[am] Welsh Harp Reservoir (Nick Holt)

A late morning walk at Welsh Harp, the feeder reservoir for the Grand Union and Regents Canal. The kids race ahead on their scooters. It’s good to have a calm hour. I know it’s not quite a ‘real-country’ hour, but at least it’s close to water, and we all love that. Can’t wait to see our new boat on Monday.

Wonderfully, Jim MacDonald of [amongst others] nb. Elizabeth fame, and a former owner of the boat we’re so close to buying, rang to chat. His reminiscences provided a tantalising hint of the boat’s former life, as a ‘theatre group’ performance boat; a ‘youth boat’; a camper around the Braunston area; also of the 60’s conversion from 70′ to 62′; the Fowler engine; a Lister air-cooled – perhaps an ‘H’ series; and the boat’s decline as a houseboat on the River Wey and the catastrophic boat fire that enabled him to buy it as an insurance right-off in the ’80’s.

Slowly, a picture’s forming, of the boat being a true survivor, with a fascinating and extensive history. I can’t wait for full handover, and the chance to publish here all the pictures, and all the information we’ve amassed so far.

He very kindly offered to meet for an extended chat  at the HNBOC annual meeting at Braunston next month, grand!

I think it’s time to join the HNBOC!

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