Chocks Away???

In just 48 hours, with reassuring goodwill on all sides, we seem to have hammered out a way forward, one that everyone agrees isa reasonable solution to the issues highlighted in ‘The Surveyor’s’ report.

‘The Owner’ was appraised of the situation on Wednesday and happily, by Thursday, had agreed our reduced offer.

Her positive decision  now opens up the possibility of the necessary work being commissioned.

I’m wary of feeling too confident, as obviously so many things could still cause the whole complex weave of arrangements and agreements to unravel. However, we do seem to have come a long way in a short time eg.

  • The boat moves from her ‘trailer’ to being ‘chocked up’ on the bank ready for over-plating
  • ‘The Mooring Owner’ on the South Oxford is rung to confirm we’ll not make it before ethe Winter stoppages
  • ‘The Marine Finance’ company are kept in the loop

So, generally, I feel we’re back in business!

I send a flurry of e-mails to ‘The Surveyor’, ‘The Workshop’ and ‘The Broker’ seeking written confirmation that we’re on track – as yet, no reply…

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