SURVEY DAY! – the moment of truth…

The phonecall finally came through around 3.30pm today, and the first comments were reassuringly good, the boat’d come in under 7 foot, so despite a gloomy prognosis of a spreading waistline she’s just fine – a home base on the South Oxford was back on!

Unfortunately, that was where the good news ended.

The yard had previously said, “…so long as the hull and engine are sound, everything else can come later…”

Sadly both engine and hull aren’t OK,

Despite a previous ‘re-plating’, pitting in the baseplate had, in places, left  just a couple of millimetres of metal. There would need to be additional re-plating for insurance purposes.

“She’s currently uninsurable…” he said.

“The engine too needs a rebuild or replacing.” he said.

… and that in a nutshell was the nub of the survey.

Those findings and the cost of addressing them, will necessitate renegotiation.

It’s back to the drawing board I guess.

Tonight we’ll sleep on the news, work out what to do next, and then tomorrow I’ll talk to the broker. They’ll relay the news to the vendor… and hopefully the horse-trading will begin…

I’m remaining optimistic that we’ll be able to agree on a new price… one that reflects the cost of work that needs to be done, as we’ve fallen in love with that boat, and really don’t want to loose her now – that would be one helluvah blow.

In the opinion of the surveyor, “I can see why you’d want her, she’s a little beauty, a unique boat.”


To be continued…

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