Ducks lining up…


It’s taken a few days of constantly ringing around [so many surveyors are suddenly so busy – what happened to the effects of the credit squeeze etc.???] but, finally, and to our great relief, we’ve secured the services of a surveyor experienced in surveying an old boat  with so many layers of history.

[Many thanks to all those surveyors who, having apologised for being booked up, then willingly gave up time to share recommendations of other surveyors we might try…]

The survey’s booked for 11.10.09. That’s the earliest we could achieve… and the boatyard’s lined up to pull the boat out as soon as he’s completed his internal checks and run the raw-water cooled engine. It’s the best of both worlds, an in-water and out-of-water survey in one day.

Bring it on!!!

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