Autumn Dreaming

Saturday – what a day!

On the way to the Staffs. & Worcs. canal we stopped at a farm on the South Oxford, to view a possible ‘home’ mooring for the boat. An utterly delightful and quirky place. A place we could ‘see’ being a good base for our project… If only we could get there before the Winter stoppages…

Later, we headed off to view the boat – for the first time together.

It was a chaotic and joyful experience. C., my wife, explored both the external and internal spaces, for the first time she was able to imagine the reality of having the boat, and loved what she saw!

M., who’s nearly nine, clambered happily across the cabin roof, net in hand sweeping the canal for mini-beasts and any small fish incautious enough to get too close! The twins J. & F. aged three, delighted in racing the full length of the boat, hugely excited, and without a fear in the world – we need to get life-jackets as a matter of urgency!

More photographs, more delving into the dark recesses of the boat. Again, she didn’t disappoint. There’s so much to her, and so much still to find. We confirmed – again – our intention to buy. And left with still broader grins.

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