It’s best to think of the milestones reached…

We finally secure an agreed price. All morning we’ve ebbed and flowed, the final result has seen the vendor come down by 20% and we go 5% over our self-imposed guide price.

The deposits been taken.

Next stage, to get the ‘ducks in a row’; the finance secured; the survey achieved, and finally handover.

Right now, with a mountain of scribbled figures pencilled in front of me, handover seems a long way ahead.

It feels better to think, perhaps, in terms of milestones, and focus on what has already been achieved, rather than the ifs, buts and maybe’s of what still remains to be done…

So here are our milestones:

  1. Finding the boat
  2. Visiting the boat
  3. Falling in love with the boat!
  4. Family agreement on putting in an offer
  5. Questions to broker to fill in the gaps in the jigsaw
  6. The initial Offer made
  7. Haggling towards an Agreed Offer
  8. Agreement reached
  9. Deposit handed over to Broker to take the boat off the market
  10. Agreement, subject to survey, with Marine Finance Co.
  11. Surveyor identified
  12. Survey Date agreed with marina
  13. Boat hauled out the water
  14. Survey completed
  15. Remaining funds released
  16. Handover!!!

We’re already at Stage 9. of the 16. point schedule. Heck, we’re over half way there!

  1. Amy

    I’ve been reading back over your initial posts about buying Eileen, really exciting to think we’ll be hopefully embarking on a similarly nail-biting process early next year. I like this list particularly – it’s good to think positively about what we have managed – we’ve got to Stage 3… just can’t actually go any further yet for various annoying reasons. Hope you and family are well!

    1. Nick Holt

      Hi Amy

      Lovely to hear from you! And great to hear that, though nail-biting, your dream of buying an old boat continues – I can’t wait to see her! Good luck with the milestones ahead, I hope you achieve them a painlessly as possible.

      The family and I are fine thanks, though frustrated at not getting up to the boat anywhere near as often as we’d like. Still, a few blog posts, a bit of painting and a lot of daydreaming keep ‘old Eileen’ close.

      “We have all the time in the world.” as the lyric goes…

      best wishes


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